All meals are prepared with fresh produce and ingredients purchased moments before the start of the cruise, and along its route. The menus are catered entirely to your preferences.

Our professional chefs possess unsurpassed skills in the preparation of the finest Turkish dishes as well as a varied understanding of western cuisine. They handpick every item that is brought aboard to guarantee your culinary fulfillment.

Ad to the above the feeling of a warm summer breeze combined with a majestic view of lush green pines, rolling hilltops and the shimmer of the sea all around you... The experience is forever unforgettable.

Alcoholic beverages onboard

As with the produce for your meals, all beverages for your cruise are purchased and stocked according to your personal preferences and are as widely available as in Europe.

There are large varieties of local Turkish wines to be enjoyed, as well as numerous local and international lagers.

Non regional wines are available on a limited basis only. With ample notification of your preferences we will do our utmost to find the desired wine of choice.


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