reca meals

Xenos Yachting has opted to compose menu's and prepare meals according to our clients’ personal preference.

Approximately one month prior to a cruise, a prepared shopping list is sent by us to your contact address via e-mail or fax. On this list you are kindly asked to mark any and all products that are desired aboard during the cruise.

Our professional chefs use their experience and the passenger list information to determine the quantities for each to-be-purchased product. The weekly menu is then tastefully and variedly composed using the chosen products.

If non local wines and foreign spirits are requested we must insist on ample notification time prior to the cruise in order to find the desired beverage. 

Total payment for provisions is completed in Euro in cash directly upon embarkation of the yacht at the to-date exchange rates.


Please note: Xenos Yachting does NOT offer Half Board or All-Inclusive. Full Board is available upon request.
Included in the Full Board price:

All local beverages such as soda's, juices, mineral water, coffee/tea, milk. Also included are all local alcoholic beverages such as (Turkish) beer, (Turkish) wine, and regional spirits.

The wine is a quality selection of dry white- or fruity red wine that has proven many times over to be much appreciated by guests of all tastes and preferences.


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